Title: Minors
Policy Owner: Office of the Provost
Applies to: Students
Campus Applicability:
Effective Date: November 1, 2002
For More Information, Contact Degree Audit
Contact Information: (860) 486- 2555
Official Website: http://registrar.uconn.edu/

A minor is available only to a matriculated student currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree. While not required for graduation, a minor provides an option for the student who wants an academic focus in addition to a major. Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor. The same course may be used to meet both major and minor course requirements unless specifically stated otherwise in a major or minor. Substitutions are not possible for required courses in a minor. A plan of study for the minor; signed by the department or program head, director, or faculty designee; must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar during the first four weeks of the semester in which the student expects to graduate. The minor is then recorded on the student’s final transcript. All available minors are listed in the “Academic Degree Programs” section and described in the “Minors” section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Please contact Degree Audit with any questions at 486-2555.