University Policy Protocol

What is the purpose of the University Policy Protocol?

The purpose of this protocol is to establish standards for the development, approval, revision and decommissioning of official University policies for the Storrs and Regional Campuses. This protocol aims to ensure University policies are well defined, understandable and consistent with the mission, values and goals of the University of Connecticut.

If you are responsible for creating or revising a University policy, follow the guidelines as outlined in Policy Owner Resources.

How will I know if the University Policy Protocol applies?

If the answer is yes to any of the below questions, the University Policy Protocol must be followed:

  1. The administrative authority of the University and its relevant governing boards have sanctioned it
  2. It has broad institution wide application
  3. It is a governing principle for both established and future activities of the University
  4. It exists to achieve compliance with Federal and State Legislation, University bylaws, collective bargaining agreements and other legal requirements or to meet other institutional objectives.