Frequently Asked Questions

What is a University Policy?

A University Policy is an official statement expressing the position of the University on an issue of institution-wide importance. A University policy guides the decisions and actions of our institution and as such, it meets the following criteria:

  • The administrative authority of the University and its relevant governing boards has sanctioned it;
  • It has a broad institution-wide application;
  • It is a governing principle for both established and future activities of the University;
  • It exists to achieve compliance with Federal and State legislation, the University’s bylaws, collective bargaining agreements and/or other legal requirements.

Where do I find University policies?

You can search for a policy (or procedure) at in numerous ways:

  • Browse alphabetically by policy title;
  • Browse by policy audience (faculty, staff, students, others);
  • Browse by the University unit or department that “owns” the policy (Office of the Provost, Office of the General Counsel, Department of Human Resources, etc.);
  • Input a keyword in the search box.

NOTE: To locate departmental or unit policies, procedures, and/or guidance that are not available on this website, visit other University webpages such as the ones found here.

How should new policies be developed at the University?

See the University Policy Protocol for the step by step instructions on policy development. Contact with questions.

Is there a template to use when developing a new University policy?

Yes. We strongly encourage the use of this template; however we recognize that some policies may be required in a different format.

How will I know if a policy was newly created and revised?

See the “Recent Updates” log at to stay up to date on the latest policy activity. Policy owners are also instructed in the policy protocol to publicize a new or revised policy.

If I have questions pertaining to a specific policy, who do I contact?

Each policy includes a primary contact. You may also email for further assistance regarding a specific policy.

What are procedures and where can I find them?

Procedures are instructions on how we implement the policy. Generally, procedures are at the end of the policy or linked from the policy.

How do I update a current University policy?

Contact with revisions. Certain policies with significant revisions may require high level approvals. Minor revisions, such as updated links, contact information, or office name changes, generally do not require such approval.

Do the policies located at apply to UConn Health employees and students?

Some policies located on this site apply to populations at UConn Health, however the majority are aimed toward Storrs and regional operations . Unless otherwise specified, Regional Campuses include Avery Point, Greater Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, the School of Law and all other Storrs based programs. The UConn Health community should visit UConn Health Policies for a listing of applicable policies and procedures.