The By-Laws of the University of Connecticut

The By-Laws of the University of Connecticut outline the organization of the Board of Trustees, and define the officers of the University and their roles and responsibilities.

They also outline:

  • membership, functions, officers, meetings, etc., of the schools and colleges, divisions, centers and institutes, and departments of the University, and the University Senate;
  • procedures regarding faculty and staff, including academic appointment and tenure, professional staff loads, termination, retirement, grievances, etc.;
  • general policies and practices of the University including naming of facilities, intellectual property, establishment of regional campuses, student organizations, etc.;
  • and criteria for awarding honorary degrees.

The By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the University Senate

According to The By-Laws of the University of Connecticut, The University Senate is a legislative body responsible for establishing minimum rules and general regulations of the educational program and mission of the institution, excluding the University of Connecticut Health Center, that are not reserved to the Board of Trustees, to the administration, to the Graduate Faculty Council, or to the several faculties. The University Senate shall be regularly consulted by the Administration on matters pertaining to the Senate's purview.

Peruse The By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and visit for more information.

By-Laws of The Graduate School

The Graduate School is responsible for facilitating graduate education and research. It establishes, administers, promotes, and reviews all post-baccalaureate degree and certificate programs and the curricular components contained therein, with the exceptions of the Doctor of Pharmacy and programs with degrees conferred by the School of Dental Medicine, School of Law, and School of Medicine.

 By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the Graduate Faculty Council

The Graduate Faculty Council, established by the by-laws of The Graduate School, is the legislative body of The Graduate School. It establishes academic policy for graduate education, except for those areas reserved to the Board of Trustees, to the University Senate, or to the faculties of other colleges and schools. The membership, terms of service, and general operating procedures are governed by the by-laws of The Graduate School.