Procedures and Guidelines

Generally, procedures are methods established for the implementation of policies. If a policy is “what” the institution does, its procedures are “how” it carries out the requirements of a policy.

Some procedures found on this website are not linked to a particular policy, but rather were developed to provide guidance to the University community on matters of importance.

Guidelines are recommended practices designed to assist the University Community.

Examples of Procedures include:

Assignment of Instructional Space

The Academic Program Approval Process

Consulting for Faculty and Members of the Faculty Bargaining Unit, Procedures On

Consumable Supplies Procedure

Data Classification Policy Appendix A

Incoming Accountable Mail Process

Relocation and Moving Procedures

Review Process for Deans

University of Connecticut Timely Warning Notice Protocol

Description of Disclosure Practices Followed in Connection with General Obligation and Special Obligation Securities issued by the University of Connecticut in the Public Markets

Examples of Guidelines include:

Operation Manual for Use of Drones/UAS

Faculty Medical Leave Guidelines

Gender Transition Guidelines

Guideline for the Employment of Graduate Students

Guidance of In-Kind Gifts

Guidelines on Secondary Appointments