Visiting Scholars Housing Policy

Title: Visiting Scholars Housing Policy
Policy Owner: Office of the Provost and Facilities Operations
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Others
Campus Applicability:  Storrs and Regional Campuses
Effective Date: June 2, 2011
For More Information, Contact Office of the Provost
Contact Information: (860) 486-4037
Official Website:


“A visiting scholar is an expert in an academic discipline or disciplines with a short-term residency at UConn for mutual intellectual enrichment and collaboration. Normally these individuals are scholars or artists on leave from other institutions. However, ‘Visiting Scholars’ also may be unaffiliated and distinguished in their fields, or they may be representatives of governments or higher education institutions on official business. In the context of this housing, undergraduate and graduate students are not defined as visiting scholars.”

The Provost’s Office, with the help of Facilities Operations & Building Services, will ‘advertise’ the eleven (14) units reserved for visiting scholars, and receive the applications. It is understood that Facilities Operations will deal with the contracts, and with the ‘legal’ documents regarding fire, etc., to be distributed to each scholar by Facilities Operations and by the College/School/Department that holds the lease.

It is assumed that most applications will be ‘routine’, and fit the criteria for ‘visiting scholar’ and length of stay. Thus, the Provost’s Office staff will be able to act independently to allocate units.

This application is not for students enrolled in UConn graduate courses.  These individuals should contact Residential Life to inquire about on-campus housing options.

Pets are not allowed.

The Process:

The Provost’s office receives the applications, and prioritizes based on principles listed below.

Facilities Operations manages the keys, occupancy, etc. However, it is entirely up to the Host to manage the visit of the guest(s); this is not the responsibility of Facilities Operations or the Provost’s Office.

Priority will be Determined on Two Levels:

  1. Application date is the first priority (we encourage you to apply at least six months in advance of your visitor’s arrival.)
  2. Length of stay: Priority will be determined as follows:
    • less than 2 weeks (Nathan Hale Inn)
    • 2-14 weeks
    • 14-36 weeks
    • 36+ weeks

    Requests for housing that exceed 36 weeks will receive lower priority.

(The underlying logic here is two fold; first we want the Visiting Scholar housing to be as fully occupied as possible. However, if there is competition for housing, those requesting a year or close to it, may be able to find housing at nearby off campus sites. It is the shorter visits for which it is hard to find housing.)

Instructions for a Visiting Scholar/Faculty Housing Request

Before making the housing request, please read the Visiting Scholars/Faculty Housing Policy above. The request must be made by the SPONSOR of the visiting scholar.

  1. Fill out the housing request form completely.
  2. Send the completed form and supporting document(s) (invitation letter, payroll authorization, etc.) to:Visiting Scholar/Faculty Housing Request
    Office of the Provost
    352 Mansfield Road, Unit 1086
    Storrs, CT 06269-1086

The Housing Request Form

DOWNLOAD: Application in Word | Application in PDF

For any questions about the form, please contact Brandon Murray or Dana Wilder at 860-486-4037.


July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016
Daily Base (1-15 Days)
16-30 Days add 20% 31-60 Days  add 10% 61+ Days Monthly
Full 2 Bedroom 73 88 80 73 2,200
Split 2 Bedroom-Each 40 48 44 40 1,200
1 Bedroom 56 67 62 56 1,700
Studio 40 48 44 40 1,200

*A hotel rate of $139/night will be charged for short stays of 1-10 days, when regional hotel options are exhausted.

August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017
Unit Two-Week* Monthly
Studio (Building 3) $647.50 $1,295.00
Studio (Building 2) $687.50 $1,375.00
1 Bedroom $887.50 $1,775.00
*Due to cleaning costs, there is a two week minimum charge to stay in the Oaks, even if a visitor’s scheduled stay is less than two weeks.

Additional Aid with Housing, Particularly Long-Term Housing:

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services now maintains a web site for:

  1. those wishing to find OFF-CAMPUS housing, and
  2. those wishing to list their homes as available.

The web site is:

For additional information regarding off-campus housing, please contact Off Campus Student Services at (860) 486-8006.