Endowed Chairs and Professorships, Policy on

Title: Endowed Chairs and Professorships, Policy on
Policy Owner: Board of Trustees
Applies to: Faculty
Campus Applicability: All
Effective Date: September 26, 2001
For More Information, Contact Board of Trustees Office
Contact Information: (860) 486-2333
Official Website: http://boardoftrustees.uconn.edu/


The University of Connecticut seeks endowment support for chairs and professorships in the several academic departments, independent scholarly centers, schools, and colleges to support distinguished teaching, research, and community service.

Endowed chairs and professorships are created by the Trustees upon recommendation by the President and in consideration of the President’s determination that sufficient endowment funds have been provided through an outright gift or a written pledge to provide a significant share of the chair holder’s salary, research or teaching program support, and supplementary support.

On recommendation by the Chancellor and Provost for University Affairs or Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, the President will present to the Board a proposal for establishment of an endowed chair or endowed professorship.  The President’s recommendation to the Trustees will address the chair’s or the professor’s purpose in light of the University’s academic mission, source of funding, and such other matters as may be relevant to the creation of the chair or professorship.

Once an endowed chair or professorship has been created, the position will be filled in accordance with University policy, and the Chancellor and Provost for University Affairs or the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs will recommend a candidate for appointment to the Board of Trustees.

The President shall periodically forward to the Board of Trustees reports on the contributions made by holders of endowed chairs or professorships.

Policy Created: 9/26/2001
Policy Supersedes Endowed Chairs Policy (5/11/1990; 11/7/1989; 10/15/1989)