UConn Degrees Earned by Faculty

Title: UConn Degrees Earned by Faculty, Policy on
Policy Owner: Office of the Provost
Applies to: Faculty
Campus Applicability: All Campuses, Schools and Colleges except the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Law
Approval Date: February 27, 2024
Effective Date: February 29, 2024
For More Information, Contact Office of the Provost
Contact Information: 860-486-4037
Official Website: https://provost.uconn.edu


University of Connecticut faculty may occasionally seek to earn a degree from the University. This policy aims to ensure that their role as a faculty member does not conflict with their role as a student.


University of Connecticut faculty members who hold tenure, or a rank higher than instructor leading to tenure, ordinarily may not earn a graduate degree at this institution. Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case-by-case basis and require approval of the Unit Head and the Dean of the School or College of the department home (encompassing both primary and secondary department for faculty with joint appointments) of the faculty member, as well as the Provost. All parties must be satisfied that the intended program is in the best interests of the University. The faculty member may not seek to earn a degree in their primary (or secondary) department home. Should the faculty member seek a graduate degree in their primary School or College, the Unit Head and Dean must implement a plan to mitigate conflicts of interest should any arise.


Violations of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with University By-Laws, General Rules of Conduct for All University Employees, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.


Policy created: August 28, 1987


May 29, 2007
February 27, 2024 (Approved by the Senior Policy Council and the President)