New and Revised Policies in June 2024

Financial Commitments to Institutional Training Grants and Nationally Competitive Graduate Fellowships (New; Consolidation): This policy consolidates the Policy on Competitive Federal Graduate Fellowship Awards and the  Policy on Competitive Non-Federal Graduate Fellowship Awards.

The institutional allowance associated with training grants and nationally competitive fellowships is often insufficient to cover the actual cost of tuition and to subsidize health insurance. This policy describes conditions under which the University will supplement the institutional allowance to cover the entire cost of tuition and to subsidize health insurance to the same extent as it does for graduate assistants. This policy includes master’s and PhD programs at UConn Health.

Posting Policy (New): This policy was created to manage the physical posting of materials on campus, such as the effective use of bulletin boards and other designated areas, to prevent littering and the defacing of or damage to University property. This policy is not meant to supersede other existing area-specific posting policies, such as the Rock Painting Policy, nor is it intended to inhibit free speech or expression.

Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence (Revision effective August 1, 2024): This policy was revised pursuant to the new Title IX federal regulations (effective August 1, 2024). This includes:

  • updates to reporting responsibilities and terminology,
  • updates to prohibited conduct definitions, and
  • additions related to pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions

Further, the duty to cooperate is updated consistent with other misconduct-related policies. This policy includes UConn Health.

Compliance Training Policy (Revision): This policy was updated for clarity. The Purpose was expanded to speak to the overall aim of the policy and compliance training. Section headers were added for readability. Use of “workforce member” was added to the Scope for consistency across campuses. This policy applies to UConn Health.

Consent Agenda: The Senior Policy Council approved the definition of “Workforce”, consistent with UConn Health standards, to ensure uniformity in policy scope across all campuses.

“Workforce” is defined as: Employees, volunteers, trainees, and other persons whose conduct, in the performance of work for the University, is under the direct control of the University, whether or not they are paid by the University. This definition should be used in the “Applies to” section of the Policy Template when the scope includes the relevant parties.