Rules and Regulations for Control of Parking and Vehicles on the Grounds of the University of Connecticut

Title: Rules and Regulations for Control of Parking and Vehicles on the Grounds of the University of Connecticut
Policy Owner: Transportation, Logistics, and Parking Services
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Visitors
Campus Applicability:  Storrs and Regional Campuses (excludes UConn Health)
Effective Date: October 2013
For More Information, Contact Transportation, Logistics and Parking Services
Contact Information: (860) 486- 3628
Official Website:

Note: The following is General Information regarding this policy. The complete Rules and Regulations for the Control of Parking and Vehicles on Campus (Revised October 2013) are available in PDF.

The University of Connecticut(“University” or “UConn”) is authorized by state law to promulgate rules and regulations concerning the parking and operation of all motor vehicles on its property.

The University of Connecticut’s Office of Transportation, Logistics, and Parking Services (TL&P) has overall supervisory responsibility for parking on the Storrs campus. Suggestions or complaints relating to parking policies or procedures should be addressed to the Parking Services Office (PSO) located on the Storrs campus at 3 North Hillside Road.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (4:30 p.m. during University scheduled breaks) and can be reached by telephone at (860) 486-4930.


General Responsibility: Operating a vehicle on campus is deemed evidence of the vehicle operator’s acceptance and understanding of the University’s Parking and Traffic Regulations. Penalties for failure to adhere to these regulations can include fines, towing, immobilization of vehicle, and/or suspension or revocation of a University parking permit.

The University’s Parking Rules and Regulations apply to the main campus, located in Storrs, as well as to each of its Branch Campuses, to the extent applicable and indicated by signage.  These rules and regulations are in effect continuously throughout the calendar year, including semester breaks and summer months, and apply to any motor vehicle operated or parked at any time on University grounds.  A community member’s acceptance of employment at, or registration in, the University constitutes an agreement to abide by these rules and regulations.   It is the responsibility of all drivers to familiarize themselves with these rules and regulations. The use of a motor vehicle on University grounds is a privilege, not a right, and is available only under the conditions and rules governing that privilege at UConn. The UConn Police Department assists in the enforcement of the University’s parking rules and regulations.


Temporary, Emergency, and Special-Situation Restrictions and Changes.

During emergencies and other special situations (e.g., snowstorms, unusual crowds, university events, road or building construction), the TL&P or the UConn Police may temporarily suspend or otherwise modify specific regulations contained herein or otherwise posted.  Temporary regulations and restrictions have the full force and effect of permanent regulations.  A vehicle left unattended on University property during such emergency or special situations may be towed at the owner’s expense if parked in violation of temporary or permanent regulations or if such vehicle impedes traffic flow or snow removal operations.


Special Events at Jorgensen or Gampel Pavilion:A prepaid event fee may be charged during events held at Jorgensen Auditorium or Gampel Pavilion. Students and Faculty who have a valid permit for the area will not be charged an additional fee.


Accessible Van Service. The University provides an Accessible Van Service that is available for use by students and employees. For more information, please call (860) 486-4991 or visit the website


The Storrs Campus is primarily a pedestrian campus. All motor vehicles must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks in accordance with Connecticut state law. The maximum speed limit on campus is 25MPH. The maximum speed in all parking lots is 10MPH. These limits are in effect 24 hours per day.

Again, the complete Rules and Regulations for the Control of Parking and Vehicles on Campus (Revised October 2013) are available in PDF.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on August 8, 2012.