Violence in the Workplace Prevention, Policy on

Title: Violence in the Workplace Prevention, Policy on
Policy Owner: Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Others
Campus Applicability:  Storrs and Regional Campuses
Effective Date: January 2, 2004
For More Information, Contact Labor Relations
Contact Information: (860) 486-5684
Official Website:


Background and reasons for the policy: The safety and security of all employees is of primary importance to   the University of Connecticut.  On August 4, 1999, the Governor of the State of Connecticut issued an executive order establishing a zero tolerance policy for workplace violence for all state agencies and public universities.

Workplace Violence is defined by this executive order as:

“Any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting. It includes, but is not limited to, beatings, stabbings, suicides, rapes, near suicides, psychological traumas, such as threats, obscene phone calls, an intimidating presence and harassment of any nature such as being followed, sworn, or shouted at.”

This policy governs all University employees, persons who are permitted to work on University premises, at satellite locations or at University sponsored off-site events. This policy also governs persons operating state vehicles under the control of the University.  The entire Governor’s policy and related definitions are accessible via the following links:

The executive order:

The Workplace Violence Prevention Manual:

Purpose of Policy: The University of Connecticut is committed to providing a workplace that is conducive to a safe and healthy environment supportive of our educational mission. This policy communicates the meaning of “workplace violence”, defines prohibited conduct and establishes potential consequences for violations. Additional resources are cited to provide direction on how to report incidents and offer sources of assistance and support to those impacted by workplace violence.

Expected Institutional Outcome: This policy will provide the University’s faculty, staff, students, contracted employees, visitors, vendors, volunteers and guests with an appropriately safe and healthy work environment, free from intimidation, harassment, threats and/or violent acts.

Applicability of Policy: This policy applies to all University of Connecticut employees and contractors.

Policy Statement: The University of Connecticut takes any act of violence seriously. The prevention of workplace violence is everyone’s responsibility. It is expected that University employees will maintain a workplace atmosphere of mutual respect and civility.

No person covered by this policy may engage in conduct intended to threaten, intimidate or harass a University employee. No person covered by this policy may possess a weapon or dangerous instrument while on any University worksite unless required to do so as a component of their job.  No person covered by this policy may use, attempt to use, or threaten to use a weapon or dangerous instrument. No person covered by this policy may cause or threaten to cause death or physical injury to any individual while at a University worksite.

Individuals who make threats, commit acts of violence or engage in other conduct defined as workplace violence, will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal as well as criminal prosecution if indicated.

Reporting Suspected Violations: Any act or incident that fits the definition of workplace violence outlined in this policy which occurs on the campus or at off-site locations under the University’s auspices or creates a risk to anyone at these sites must be reported immediately.  All employees are responsible for notifying the administration of any threats that they witness or receive.  Even without a specific threat, all employees should report any behavior that may be regarded as potentially threatening or violent or that could endanger the health and safety of others.

For more detailed instructions and resources regarding the University’s Workplace Violence Policy please contact the Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations at 860-486-5684.