Incoming Accountable Mail Process

Title: Incoming Accountable Mail Process
Policy Owner: Mail Services
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Others
Campus Applicability: Storrs Campus
Effective Date: August 18, 2004
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Contact Information: (860) 486-2024
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Incoming USPS mail for the University of Connecticut, is handled in accordance with USPS DMM, Section D042.4.1 which states:

All mail addressed to a governmental or nongovernmental organization or to an individual by name or title at the address of the organization is delivered to the organization, as is similarly addressed mail for former officials, employees, contractors, agents, etc.  If disagreement arises where any such mail should be delivered, it must be delivered under the order of the organization’s president or equivalent official.

In addition to the above regulation, the USPS maintains the signatures of University Mail Services’ staff on PS Form 3801, naming the staff “Authorized Agents”, making them eligible to handle incoming, accountable mail for the University of Connecticut.

Accountable mail is released to the University upon signing the USPS Firm Sheet, recording such items, and the authorized agent also signs for any Return Receipts attached.  Although an option, University Mail Services does not sign for “Restricted Delivery Mail”.

Once prepared at University Mail Services for final delivery to the campus destination, a signature is obtained from the designated employee at the centralized mail stop for the building.

The accountable mail is then placed with the regular incoming mail for the receiving department.

In the event the actual recipient, indicated by either name or by title, chooses to refuse any accountable mail, such accountable mail must not be opened.  The refused piece must be marked “Refused”, placed in a new container and have new postage applied.  It is strongly recommended that this refused mail be sent Certified mail, or Registered if leaving the United States.

Federal Archive Guidelines require University Mail Services to maintain records as follows:

  1. a.       Incoming accountable records keep 2 years
  2. b.      Outgoing Certified records keep 2 years
  3. c.       Outgoing Registered records keep 3 years