Policy Updates in December 2023

Policy on Modified Duties for Faculty Due to Life Events (New, effective 01/01/24): This new policy allows faculty to modify their workload to respond to anticipated or unanticipated personal qualifying life events or situations. This policy does not supersede or replace other employment entitlements, such as FMLA, the Faculty Medical Leave Guidelines, ADA, personal leave, or short-term leaves under the By-Laws. Instead, this benefit is available upon a faculty member’s return to on-campus activities following such a leave or when modified duties fully resolve the issue or supplement existing entitlements.

Policy on Media and Mass Communication (Revised): This policy was renamed “Policy on Media and Mass Communication” to better address the scope of the existing “Policy on Communication with External Media”. Language has been added to the first section to make clear that social media statements – notably by departments – are the same as other statements made to the media or public at large and are governed by this policy. An entire section has been added covering mass communications (email) and how we handle mass statements based largely on external news and events.

Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs (Decommissioned): This policy has been decommissioned as of December 19, 2023.