University Event Ticket Use

Title: University Event Ticket Use
Policy Owner: Office of the President
Applies to: Faculty, Staff
Campus Applicability: All Campuses, except UConn Health
Effective Date: June 22, 2011
For More Information, Contact Office of the President
Contact Information: (860) 486-2337
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Policy Objective:
Certain University employees and senior administrators are provided with University event tickets as part of their employment agreements.  Employees may also be eligible to purchase University event tickets because of their employment.  In general, such tickets are provided or available for purchase as a means to promote and encourage University personnel to participate in various University functions and events. This privilege has been extended with the expectation that such tickets will be for the personal or business-related use of University employees and, while these tickets are the personal property of the individuals receiving them, they are a valuable resource and are not intended as a means for employees to derive additional personal income from third parties.  This does not apply to tickets purchased or obtained by an employee in a manner that is open to the public.

Policy Statement:
Any University Department that provides season tickets to a University employee as part of that employee’s taxable employment compensation must provide the Office of the President with a list of all such employees.  These tickets are for the personal or university business-related use of the employee and may not be exchanged for other consideration.  This prohibits selling, bartering, trading or otherwise transferring tickets to another for anything of value and includes tickets for athletic, cultural and performing arts events.  Employees may not enter into any outside endorsement or consulting agreement that contains a provision or understanding regarding the exchange of event tickets.  Each department shall submit its list to the Office of the President prior to the start of the season and include the name of the employee and the number of tickets provided.

Employees who are eligible to purchase tickets because of their employment, rather than receive them as taxable employment compensation, are similarly prohibited from exchanging such tickets for other consideration.  However, employees who purchase such tickets may sell these tickets for no more than their purchase price.

Notwithstanding the above, personal event tickets may be donated to a charitable organization to be used for fundraising purposes (i.e., auction, raffle, etc.) provided that any donation of athletic event tickets receives the prior review and approval of the NCAA compliance office of the Division of Athletics.

NCAA Rules Committee

Division of Athletics Employees are prohibited by NCAA rules (NCAA Bylaw 13.8.1) from leaving event tickets at will-call or providing tickets directly or indirectly to:

  1. prospective or current student-athletes, their parents, relatives or friends;
  2. high school, two-year college or club coaches, their parents, relatives or friends; or
  3. sports agents, advisors, runners or individuals associated with sports agents or firms.

For further information and the complete text of NCAA Bylaw 13.8.1, please refer to the NCAA Division I Manual.