Use of Official Email Lists

Title: Use of Official Email Lists
Policy Owner: Information Technology Services
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students
Campus Applicability:  Storrs and Regionals
Effective Date: December 15, 2008
For More Information, Contact Information Technology Services
Contact Information: (860) 486-4357
Official Website:


Background and Reasons for the Policy: In January 2001, as part of the University’s ongoing activities to improve communication and leverage its investment in technology, University ITS created Official Email Lists to help the University conduct its business with targeted audiences. In order to ensure that faculty, staff and students would not be inundated with mass e-mailings, oversight procedures were put in place to monitor the email messages being sent via the official email lists.

Purpose of Policy: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Official Email Lists are used in a manner consistent with the Electronic Communication policy and that email users are aware of the types of official lists available, the criteria to be used when communicating via the official lists, and the procedures for using the official lists.

Expected Institutional Outcome: It is expected that this policy will insure proper use of Official Email Lists and reduce costs and improve efficiency of information exchange with our students and employees.

Applicability of Policy: This policy applies to all members of the University community.


Official Email Lists: Official Email Lists are involuntary, closed membership, moderated lists created by University ITS. These lists are intended to provide a method for addressing official University announcements to targeted populations of students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, employees, at Storrs, Regional campuses, School of Social Work and Law School via their officially assigned University of Connecticut email address (Personal name). These lists are not intended as discussion (“open forum”) lists.

Subscription to these lists is based on information in either the Student database or the Human Resources database. These lists are refreshed automatically on a regular basis to ensure that membership remains current.

List Moderator: List Moderator is an individual whose job it is to approve or reject messages sent to a moderated list.

Policy Statement: Official Email Lists are available for use by any University unit (department, office, center, etc.) or recognized University organization for the purpose of sending messages that pertain to university work or typical university information such as

  • Normal everyday work activities of the University
  • Messages concerning emergency, health and safety announcements
  • Messages pertaining to matters of university-wide policy
  • Messages of a timely nature having direct impact on large numbers of one or all of the following groups: University faculty, staff and students.

Messages sent to any of the Official Email Lists must emanate from within the UConn domain and be created by an individual with appropriate responsibility to the topic.

Messages submitted for transmission to any of the Official Email Lists will be reviewed for adherence to the criteria for that list by one of the list moderators designated by the Chief Information Officer. To be accepted for posting, messages should adhere to the General Formatting Guidelines. Moderators will not approve any message that does not adhere to the guidelines.

Messages sent to any of the Official Email Lists will be archived and made available for 1 year.


The Chief Information Officer is responsible for the oversight of these lists. Technical management of the lists resides in University ITS.

Individuals utilizing official email lists are expected to adhere to all applicable Federal and State statutes and University policies, including the University’s Electronic Communication policy, the Electronic Privacy and Disclaimer Notice policy and the University’s Individual Responsibilities with Respect to Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Moderators for the Official Email Lists are responsible for insuring that messages submitted for transmission meet the criteria for the list and adhere to the General Formatting Guidelines

Enforcement and Review:

This policy will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis.