Review Process for Deans

Title: Review Process for Deans
Policy Owner: Office of the Provost
Applies to: Others
Campus Applicability:
Effective Date:  January 2, 2004
For More Information, Contact Office of the Provost
Contact Information: (860) 486-4037
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Application: This process applies to Deans, and not their direct reports, although Deans may choose to use this process for their direct reports.

Timing: As is true for all senior administrators, Deans are routinely subject to formal review every five years.  This review normally occurs at the beginning of the fifth year of a five-year appointment.  Deans may be appointed for multiple subsequent five-year terms, with formal reviews occurring every five years.

Process Oversight: The Provost shall be responsible for the review of the Deans.  The Provost may delegate the supervisory function for carrying out reviews to a direct report.

Review Procedure:


  • Review Committee. To carry out each formal review of a Dean, a Review Committee chaired by another Dean shall gather information and report it to the Provost.  In addition to the Chair, each Review Committee shall be comprised of approximately six individuals: two chosen directly by the Provost, two elected by the college/school faculty in a fashion approved jointly by the Provost and the administrative governing body of the college/school, one chosen by the Provost from a list submitted by the University Senate Executive Committee, and one selected by the Provost from a list submitted by the Dean under review.
  • Review Process. The Chair of the Review Committee shall carry out the administrator review process.  This process shall include the following components:
  1. Receipt of a statement and report of accomplishment from the Dean
  2. Dissemination of a confidential survey and solicitation of written comments from college/school faculty and staff, and relevant university and external constituencies, with compilation of the results
  3. Conduct by Committee members of interviews with relevant individuals, including direct reports such as department heads, external constituencies, students, and such faculty and staff as the Review Committee deems appropriate
  4. Other information agreed upon between the Review Committee and the Provost
  • Review Outcome
  1. The Review Committee shall serve as a fact-finding and advisory committee to the Provost.  At the conclusion of the review process, it shall meet with the Provost to report its findings.
  2. The final decision on reappointment of a Dean resides with the Provost.