New and Revised Policies in August 2023

Electronic (E-mail) Communication Policy (Revised, effective 10/01/23): There was a substantive revision regarding the bulk or auto-forwarding of email outside the institution. The policy now explicitly prohibits automated copying or forwarding of institutional emails to non-University accounts. There were also minor revisions for readability.

Emergency Closing Policy (Revised): There were a few substantive revisions to better align the policy with current practices and to provide greater clarity to employees. There were also editorial revisions such as adding the link to the campus alert website, updating titles, and using gender-neutral pronouns.

Policy Against Discrimination (Revised): There was a substantive revision to include exempt employees in the employee reporting section.

Restriction on Lithium-Ion Battery Motorized Personal Transportation Vehicle (MPTV) Policy (New): This is a new policy. By implementing the public policy of a University enterprise-wide restriction on the charging, storage, and use of lithium-ion battery powered motorized personal transportation vehicles (MPTV) within all University owned buildings and their electrical infrastructure, the reduction of life safety hazards, resulting property damage, and potential disruption to business continuity will decrease, thereby increasing the safety of the whole community.

System and Application Security Policy (Revised): The substantive revision to this policy sets the stage for several upcoming changes associated with server administration including: the definition of public/private networks, separation between academic/administrative and research systems, as well as the definition of an IT Professional (to ensure the individuals responsible for managing systems are appropriately trained and charged with duties to help ensure the security of university data). Other non-substantive revisions include edits for readability.