Revised Policies in October 2023

Guide to the State Code of Ethics (Revised): Revisions to the policy include the formatting and updating of pronouns throughout the policy, including “Ethics Liaison” in various sections as a resource in addition to the Office of State Ethics, and clarification on restrictions on gifts between supervisors and subordinates. Under the ‘Contracts with the State’ section, revisions include reference to exemption for contracts with a public institution of higher education to support a collaboration to develop and commercialize any invention or discovery. Under the ‘Necessary Expenses’ section, “gifts to the state” was added as acceptable to attend an event that is relevant to your state duties. Lastly, “Confidential Information” language was removed as it is covered in other policies.

Selection of Outside Legal Counsel Policy (Revised): Non-substantiative revisions to the Selection of Outside Legal Counsel Policy included formatting and updating outdated information for improved clarity.

Smoking Policy (Revised): Substantive revisions to the Smoking Policy include adding vaping to the definition of smoking and removing the reference to LEED, as it is redundant of existing prohibition of smoking within 25 feet of all campus buildings. In addition, there were editorial changes to this policy such as adding contact email addresses and other stylistic and grammar edits.