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University Library Copyright Policies

Title: University Library Copyright Policies
Policy Owner: University Library Copyright Project Team
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Others
Campus Applicability: Storrs and Regional Campuses
Effective Date: May 29, 2007
For More Information, Contact University Libraries
Contact Information: 860-486-2518
Official Website:

Background and Reasons for the Policy

The University of Connecticut Libraries provide high quality collections and information services in support of the University’s research and educational missions. In its endeavors, the University Libraries are committed to compliance with intellectual property law and the preservation of the rights of copyright owners and users of copyrighted materials. The University Libraries also seek to ensure that members of the university community know their rights and responsibilities under the provisions of the U.S. copyright law (17 U.S.C. Section 107), and are able to apply them regarding their use of copyrighted works.

Purpose of the Policy

These policies define the parameters of service provided by the University of Connecticut Libraries with regard to compliance with U.S. copyright law, the doctrine of fair use, and related exceptions in the law for library services.

Expected Institutional Outcomes

These policies provide basic information and guidance regarding the use of copyrighted material by University of Connecticut Libraries staff and users of library services. They answer many common questions regarding the use of copyrighted materials and provide contacts and resources for more information.

Policy Statement

These policies are maintained and updated on the University of Connecticut Libraries web site at


Drafted by the Copyright Project Team 2/19/07 at the suggestion of:

  • Denielle M. Burl, Esq., University Legal Specialist; and
  • Rachel Rubin, Director of Compliance, Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics

Copyright Compliance Guidelines

Title: Copyright Compliance Guidelines
Policy Owner: University Libraries, Access Services
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students
Campus Applicability: Storrs and Regional Campuses
Effective Date: July 13, 2007
For More Information, Contact Associate University Librarian for Academic Engagement
Contact Information: 860-486-2518
Official Website:

Instructors placing physical materials on Traditional Course Reserve (TCR), copies of physical materials on Electronic Course Reserve (ECR) or TCR, or posting materials directly to WebCT for the purpose of not-for-profit instructional support are responsible for being cognizant of and applying the copyright compliance guidelines observed by the University of Connecticut (UCL) Reserve Services.  These guidelines apply whether Reserve Services or the individual instructor is posting materials in WebCT.

UCL copyright compliance guidelines for Reserve Services are based on:

  • The Libraries’ interpretation of Section 107 Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use of Title 17 (Copyrights) of U.S. Code;
  • Section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair:
    1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    2. The nature of the copyrighted work;
    3. Amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
    4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work
  • Agreement on Guidelines for Classroom Copying in Not-For-Profit Educational Institutions with Respect to Books and Periodicals, a.k.a., Classroom Guidelines;
  • American Library Association Model Policy Concerning College and University Photocopying for Classroom, Research and Library Reserve Use;
  • Music Library Association Statement on the Digital Transmission of Electronic Reserves ;
  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Guidelines for Reserve Services/WebCT Environments

What can I put on Reserve?

Entire physical works in their original format, e.g., books, journals, AV materials, may be put on TCR in the Library provided the University Libraries or the instructor owns a legal copy of the work.  Most government publications are in the public domain and may also be put on Reserve, whether or not owned by the University Libraries or the instructor.

Copies of portions of the above types of works may be placed on ECR, TCR, or posted by instructors to WebCT provided the University Libraries or the instructor owns a legal copy of the work and access is restricted to the instructor and students enrolled in the course for which the material is being used in a given semester.

Reserve Services has developed the following guidelines for the amount of a copied work to be placed on ECR/TCR or posted by instructors to WebCT:

  1. One article per journal issue;
  2. One chapter or 10% of a book;
  3. Other parts or whole works that do not constitute copyright infringement, e.g., government documents and class notes.
  • In all cases, the notice of copyright and the title page from the work must be posted.

The above amounts are estimates designed to safeguard the University and its individual members from legal action due to copyright infringement.  Exceptions to the above limits must take into consideration the four fair use factors.

What if the University Libraries or the instructor does not own a legal copy of a work?

The Libraries will purchase books that are required for Reserve.

The Libraries will obtain journal articles not owned by the University Libraries or the instructor and request permission for use.  If permission is granted and there are royalty fees, the Libraries will pay the royalty fees.  If permission is not granted, the material will be removed from Reserve and the instructor will be notified.  Permission must be requested for each semester the material is being used.

Written permission of the student author is required to place student papers on Reserve.

What is not permitted for Reserve?

Materials considered to be “consumable,” e.g., published workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, answer sheets, and course packs are not put on Reserve.  The nature of this material is such that making copies available to many students is likely to affect the market value of the item and may be an infringement of copyright law.

Can materials in digital databases and full text journals leased by the Libraries be used in WebCT?

UCL does not own these materials, they are leased. UCL signs an official license agreement with each vendor, and each license contains language on the permitted use of the material.  Some of the licenses allow for use of the material for Reserve, some do not.

Instructors needing to use in WebCT products leased by the Libraries should consult with Reserve Services to determine whether there are restrictions on use for Reserve associated with a particular leased product.

Below are known leases that do allow Reserve use:

  • InfoTrac
  • ABI Inform

NOTE: If a license prohibits use of digital material for Reserve and the Libraries own the paper version, Reserve Services will scan the paper version and post it through ECR.


Can materials not owned/leased by the Libraries or the instructor and available on the Internet be used in WebCT?

While this issue is beyond the domain of Reserve Services, please be advised that if you choose to use such materials (i.e., other instructors’ web pages, commercial sites, etc.) in WebCT, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions and paying any associated royalties.

Reserve Services contacts for permissions as outlined above:

Stephen Bustamante
Coordinator for Digital Reserves

Jo Ann Reynolds
Coordinator for Reserve Processing

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

Title: Confidentiality of Library Patron Records
Policy Owner: The UConn Library
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Others
Campus Applicability: All
Effective Date: November 21, 2016
For More Information, Contact The UConn Library
Contact Information: (860) 486-2518
Official Website:


The UConn Library is committed to the protection of all library patrons’ rights to privacy with respect to their use of library resources.


This policy applies to all University of Connecticut faculty, students, staff, administration, University affiliates, community borrowers and authorized library users who borrow materials from any of the ten (10) University of Connecticut Libraries (collectively, the “UConn Library”).


It is the policy and practice of the University of Connecticut that personally identifiable information collected by any unit of the UConn Libraries relating to an individual library patron’s use of library collections and/or services will be kept confidential.  While such information may be used internally by employees and agents of the UConn Libraries as needed for the operation of the particular library, it will not be disclosed to third parties except with the express written permission of the library patron or pursuant to a lawfully issued court order.

This policy aligns with the principles of the American Library Association Code of Ethics, which endorses the confidentiality of library patron records.


Violations of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with University Laws and By-Laws, General Rules of Conduct for All University Employees, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and the University of Connecticut Student Code.


Library patron records are retained in accordance with the state record retention requirements established by the Office of the Public Records Administrator of the Connecticut State Library.

If the University is served with a subpoena, warrant, or court order (including court orders resulting from the surveillance provisions of the USA Patriot Act) compelling disclosure of library patron records, then such document shall be promptly referred to the University’s Office of the General Counsel.

Circulation Policies, University Borrowers

Title: Circulation Policies, University Borrowers
Policy Owner: University Libraries, Access Services
Applies to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Others
Campus Applicability:  Storrs and the 5 Regional Campuses
Effective Date: December 2, 2003
For More Information, Contact Library Circulation Desk
Contact Information: (860) 486-2518
Official Website:


Describes the terms of library borrowing privileges for University borrowers.


UConn faculty, staff, retirees, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars


A University ID or a library-issued Borrower ID is required to borrow books and to place recalls or holds.  Use of the ID indicates your agreement to observe library policies, which are designed to serve all users generously and equitably.  The ID is not transferable.  Please notify Circulation immediately if you lose your ID so we can block use by others.  University IDs and library-issued Borrower IDs may be replaced for a fee.


Faculty/Graduate Students/Staff/Retirees/Visiting Scholars: 90-day Loan

Undergraduate Students/Affiliates/Community Borrowers: 30-day Loan


90-day Loans: renewable three times unless requested by another borrower.

30-day Loans: renewable twice unless requested by another borrower.

Renew online (via HOMER) or at the library.


Recalling a book that is charged out is a service available only to UConn faculty, students, retirees, staff and affiliates of the University.  It is very important that recalled books be returned promptly.  Borrowers who are temporarily unable to respond to recall notices should make prior arrangements with Circulation.


Any borrower may request that a circulating book be held for him or her when it is returned.


Reminder email notices are sent to all University borrowers alerting them that items are coming due and need to be returned or renewed.


Privileges are automatically suspended when a borrower:

Has one overdue recalled book

Has reached the charged book limit:

300 books (UConn faculty/graduate students/honors undergraduate students)

150 books (All other UConn undergraduate students/staff/retirees/affiliates)

25 books (All other borrower categories)

Has an expired record

A suspension is lifted automatically when the condition causing it is rectified.


Long overdue book (28 days or more overdue): $15 late return/billing fee (non refundable)

Overdue recalled book $5.00 a day/item; maximum of $50.


Long overdue books are billed at $95 per item plus a $15 nonrefundable late return/billing fee.  The $95 replacement cost is refundable, if the item is returned within one year of the billing date.


Bills for library charges are issued by and paid at the University Bursar’s Office (Wilbur Cross Building, Unit 4100, 486-4830).  Payments may be made in person during regular business hours or by mail.  Checks are payable to the University of Connecticut. No payments are accepted at the library.  Library charges for students appear on the next semester’s fee bill.  Charges must be paid in full before registration is permitted and official transcripts can be issued.


All library circulation notices are distributed via email.  If you use an email address other than your University email address, you need to forward your UConn email to your non-University email address.  You may do this at: If you need assistance, please call Circulation at 486-2518.


Please return books to the Main Circulation Desk and, in the case of recalled books, directly to the staff person at that Desk.  When the library is closed, books may be left in the depository slots at the North and South entrances.  Return receipts are available upon request.

For more information about Babbidge circulation policy please contact Circulation Services:

Homer Babbidge Library
Access Services/Circulation U-1005C
369 Fairfield Road
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-1005

Phone: (860) 486-2518
Fax: (860) 486-5636