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This page provides updates on new and revised University policies, procedures or other guidelines.  All University faculty, staff, students, agents, consultants and representatives must understand and be in compliance with the University’s policies. The policy updates below may highlight significant revisions (revised policies) or key points (new policies) but do not serve as an all-inclusive reference for the respective policy. Please be sure to refer to the full policy to ensure compliance.



General Rules of Conduct (Revised): The revisions to this policy include editorial changes to update the contact information and align with the University Policy Template, as well as substantive revisions to update antiquated language, provide greater clarity to the existing rules, and to add new rules. Examples of clarifying language include separating former section (K) into two sections: (K) for conducting oneself in any manner which is insulting, intimidating, threating, physically or verbally abusive, or contrary to common decency or morality; making verbal or written remarks that are inflammatory, derogatory, discriminatory, harassing, or that create a hostile work environment.; and a new section (L) for carrying out any form of harassment, including sexual harassment. New rules (V through Z) include engaging in activities which are detrimental to the best interests of the University or the State; entering, using, or providing access the worksite other than for work purposes or unauthorized individuals; retaliation; engaging in any form of sexual or unwelcome physical conduct in the workplace; and failing to cooperate or being untruthful in a University investigation. These clarifying edits and additional rules are consistent with UConn Health Center's April 2023 revision to their Rules of Conduct. The policy owner was also updated to Human Resources.

Military Leave Policy (Revised): The substantive revision for this policy is to align the policy with federal and state law, as well as outline current procedures for employees to request military leave. The revision also includes editorial changes (adding HR/LR email addresses and other stylistic/grammar edits).

Pre-Employment Background Check Policy (Revised): The revisions for this policy include editorial changes to update contact information and align with the University Policy Template, as well as substantive revisions to provide greater clarity and to align with current practices.

UConn Degrees Earned by Faculty Policy (Revised): The revisions for this policy include: change in policy ownership from The Graduate School to the Office of the Provost, an added purpose statement, revised policy statement, and editorial changes to reflect the updated University Policy Template.

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