University Logo and Trademark Policy

Title: University Logo and Trademark Policy
Policy Owner: University Communications
Applies to: All Employees, Students, External Audiences
Campus Applicability: All Campuses, including UConn Health
Effective Date: May 10, 2024
For More Information, Contact Associate Director of Branding and Visual Identity
Contact Information:
Official Website:


This policy governs the development and use of Logos to identify a University Group (defined below), program, or offering.  Consistent and accurate use of Logos at the University of Connecticut (“University”) is important to help maintain a strong and cohesive University brand.


Branding Guidelines: The University’s brand standards and guidelines published at  For purposes of UConn Health only, the applicable brand standards and guidelines are published at

Logo: A graphic representation or symbol made up of text and/or images that identifies, or is intended to identify, the University or a University Group, program, or offering.

Official UConn Logo: A Logo approved by University Communications.

 University Group(s): Campuses (including UConn Health), colleges, schools, centers, institutes, departments, divisions, offices, units, and academic programs and activities of the University.

University Marks:  The University Name(s), Logos, symbols, seals, images, photographs, trademarks, service marks, and other marks owned by the University.  Examples of University Marks include, but are not limited to, the UConn logo, the University Oak Leaf, the University seal, the Husky Dog, and phrases such as “Students Today, Huskies Forever”.

University Name(s): “The University of Connecticut”, “UConn”, and any other name, abbreviation, or derivative containing such designations.

Unofficial UConn Logo: A Logo that has not been approved by University Communications.


  1. University Group(s). Unofficial UConn Logo(s) may not be used for purposes of identifying a University Group, program, or offering, which includes, without limitation, academic and non-academic programs, events, services, campaigns, initiatives, and community and outreach programs. University Group(s) may only use Official UConn Logo(s) in accordance with the Branding Guidelines.  Please contact University Communications for questions relating to use of Official UConn Logo(s) and/or creation of a new Logo.
  2. Registered Student Organizations. Registered Student Organizations may only use University Marks, including without limitation, Official UConn Logo(s), in accordance with the Guidelines for Use of University Logos & Trademarks available at, including obtaining such permission and approvals required therein.
  3. The University’s Office of Brand Partnerships and Trademark Management (“OBPTM”) ensures correct and legal use of University Marks. Approval from OBPTM is required prior to use of the University Marks on any product created and/or sold to the general public or to University Group(s), any commercial use of the University Marks (e.g., manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and advertising of commercial and consumer products), and any use of the University Marks by non-University organizations (e.g., alumni clubs, booster clubs, vendors).  For trademark use and licensing approval, please contact OBPTM at
  4. General. The University Marks may not be altered or modified in any manner without approval by University Communications.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein this policy, use of any University Marks, including without limitation, the Official UConn Logo(s), must comply with the University By-Laws, the University Policy on Endorsements, and, unless otherwise approved by University Communications, the Branding Guidelines.


        Violations of this policy may result in delay, denial, or revocation of media buys, purchased products, printed or digital materials, including websites, and other branded communications. Unauthorized use of University Marks may result in a cease and desist from the Office of Brand Partnerships and Trademark Management.

        In addition, violations of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with University By-Laws, General Rules of Conduct for All University Employees, applicable collective bargaining agreements, and the University of Connecticut Student Code.



        Policy created: 01/15/2015

        Revisions: 05/10/2024