Endowed Chairs and Professorship, Procedures on

Title: Endowed Chairs and Professorship, Procedures on
Procedure Owner: Office of the Provost
Applies to: University Employees
Campus Applicability:  All Campuses
Effective Date:  April 28, 2023
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Full-time academic staff appointed to endowed chairs or endowed professorships at the University of Connecticut are selected based on a distinguished record of scholarly or creative accomplishment, a strong record of teaching, and exemplary leadership and service to their school or college, the University, and the academic community.



To outline the procedures for implementing the Policy on Endowed Chairs and Professorships



Criteria for Appointment and Renewal

Individual schools and colleges may develop more specific criteria for appointment to and renewal of endowed chairs and endowed professorships, but all recommendations to the Provost must describe how the candidate meets the conditions associated with the endowment as described in the gift agreement using one or more of the following criteria.


Scholarly or creative accomplishment

  • Distinguished and sustained record of achievement as evidenced by scholarly or creative publication in high quality outlets or by artistic performances or exhibitions in prestigious institutions.
  • University-wide, national, or international awards recognizing scholarly or creative contributions.



  • Development of innovative teaching activities.
  • Successful mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • University-wide, national, or international awards recognizing teaching contributions.


Leadership, service, or public engagement

  • School, college, or University-wide level service.
  • Senior editorial positions in high quality scholarly journals.
  • Creative leadership in prestigious arts or creative organizations.
  • Significant leadership positions in national or international scholarly associations or societies.
  • Significant engagement with international, national, state, or local organizations (including government agencies).


Appointment and Renewal Process

Appointment to an endowed chair or an endowed professorship and renewal of an appointment requires a recommendation from the Dean of the school or college and/or Director of the university-level center or institute with which the professorship is associated. The Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs will review the recommendation and decide whether to endorse the recommendation and forward it to the President prior to seeking Board of Trustees for approval.

Prior to making a recommendation to the Provost, the Dean  or Director will solicit advice from a committee established and documented according to practices appropriate within the particular school, college, or unit. In particular, the committee might consist of (a) outstanding full professors within the school or college (a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor from outside the school or college can be included where appropriate), (b) full professors on the Dean’s Promotion, Tenure, and Review Committee, or (c) appropriate department heads and Associate Deans.

In the case of an initial appointment, the committee may, when appropriate, solicit external letters to inform their recommendation.

The Dean must submit a memo with the following information to the Provost:

  • A history of the Endowed Chair/Professorship, including the purpose as outlined in the gift agreement
  • A description of the process through which recommendations were made, which will usually describe a small committee providing recommendations to the Dean
  • The terms of the appointment and other relevant details

Once approve, and in consultation with the President, the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs will recommend a candidate for appointment to the Board of Trustees.

The Provost will consider exceptions to the ordinary procedures on a case-by-case basis.



Violations of these procedures may result in appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with University By-Laws, General Rules of Conduct for All University Employees, and applicable collective bargaining agreements.





Policy on Endowed Chair and Professorships

List of Endowed Chairs and Professorship



PROCEDURES Created: 9/26/2001

Policy Supersedes Endowed Chairs Policy (5/11/1990; 11/7/1989; 10/15/1989)

Revised: 03/13/2023 (Approved by Senior Policy Council)