Author: Rosman, Aaron

University Logo and Wordmark Policy

Title: University Logo and Wordmark Policy
Policy Owner: University Communications
Applies to: All Employees, Students, Others
Campus Applicability: All Campuses, including UConn Health
Effective Date: February 1, 2015
For More Information, Contact Associate Director of Branding and Visual Identity
Contact Information: 860-486-0488
Official Website:


The UConn wordmark is the core element in the visual identity system. It is the official logo of the University, and is what is most strongly associated with the UConn brand. In order to be effective, all logo treatments must be consistent and accurate, and as such, coordinated through University Communications.

Custom marks are available for schools, colleges, departments, and University-affiliated groups to distinctly identify themselves, while maintaining a cohesive University brand identity. All primary and established wordmarks can be downloaded from Additional standards regarding wordmarks and logos can also be found at Standards related to UConn Health branding can be found at

Official UConn Wordmark

  • An official UConn wordmark must be used as the primary identifier for University entities. These include the primary, established, and personalized wordmarks. These wordmarks cannot be altered or replicated.
    • The primary wordmark is the logo that includes UCONN with or without “University of Connecticut.” The horizontal or vertical arrangements are acceptable.
    • Established wordmarks have been created for each school, college, and regional campus.
    • For UConn entities that do not have an established wordmark, a personalized wordmark is appropriate. This mark allows for one or two levels of information hierarchy. University Communications can provide   guidance on layouts that best suits individual needs.
  • Student organizations should refer to Student Organization Use of University Wordmarks and Logos for standards specific to their needs.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos are marks that are separate from the official UConn wordmark established and enforced by the University brand standards.

Secondary logos are only considered for consortiums, retail establishments, departmental initiatives, or Centers that are not exclusively part of the University, such as the Korey Stringer Institute.

For UConn entities that do not fit fully into these specific categories, the UConn wordmark must be used as the primary identifying mark. Complementary artwork is permissible. Complementary artwork cannot include the name of the UConn entity, to avoid appearing like a logo.

Anniversaries, events, or campaigns can use badges to mark the event, but must not use the UConn wordmark as part of the graphic.

The development of all secondary logos is at the review and approval of University Communications. For full brand standards, visit


UConn’s Office of Trademark Licensing and Branding ensures correct and legal use of UConn trademarks on any product sold to the general public or to campus departments and organizations. UConn trademarks include the UConn wordmark, the University oakleaf, the University seal, the Husky Dog and phrases such as Students Today, Huskies Forever. Trademark and licensing approval is required for includes usage in the areas of Traditional Retail Merchandise, use by Campus Departments and Student Organizations, use by Affiliated Organizations (e.g., UConn Co-op, UConn Foundation, UConn Alumni Association) and use by Non-UConn organizations (e.g., alumni clubs, booster clubs, approved corporate use). The Office of Trademark Licensing and Branding provides approval for all trademark usage and may be contacted at